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This page has been prepared for those persons considering a purchase in Heathrow in order to make a more informed decision. The accuracy of the information contained in this section is deemed reliable but cannot be guaranteed and each person is advised to fully investigate the matters presented prior to taking any action in reliance of the information presented herein.

The Overall Structure of Heathrow.
The overall structure of Heathrow is loosely structured in many respects to the typical federal, state and county levels of government.

The Heathrow Master Association.
The “federal” level” is the Heathrow Master Association level. It is incorporated with the State of Florida and headed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members.

It is charged with several functions. They include: the overall enforcement of the Master Covenants, the maintenance of the common areas along Heathrow Boulevard and Sawyer Lake Park as well as most of the other lakes and retention ponds in Heathrow, the overall functionality of the infrastructure, and the adherence to the appropriate Florida Statutes regarding homeowner associations.

It is has no connection to the Heathrow Country Club.

The Neighborhood Association.
The level directly below the Master is the Neighborhood Association - akin to the “state” level. There are 13 Neighborhood Associations throughout Heathrow. Each has been incorporated separately and each has their own board of directors. They have the same functions as the Master, but at a more local level and are responsible for common properties within the Neighborhood Association. Some are made up of more than one actual neighborhood. For example, the Bridgewater Neighborhood Association is made up of three neighborhoods: Bristol Park, Chestnut Hill and East Camden.

The Individual Neighborhoods (30)
The last, but most local level, is the Neighborhood. Each Neighborhood is required to have a committee comprised of three to five members, all of which are to be elected by the neighborhood residents. As an additional requirement, all of its members must be owners-of-record and residents of the respective neighborhood.

One committee person is determined to be the Chair of the Neighborhood Committee by a vote of the elected committee members. It is this person, or his or her designee in cases of planned absence or conflict of interest, who is authorized to vote on behalf of the respective neighborhood on matters before the Town Advisory Committee and at Annual Meetings whereby the Boards of both the Neighborhood Association and the Master Association are elected, respectively. In addition, it is the Chair who arranges for, and presides over, the Neighborhood Annual Meeting.

Town Advisory Council.
In addition, Heathrow has a Town Advisory Council (“TAC”). TAC is comprised of all of the neighborhood committee chairs – 30 people and a Chairman. It is advisory in nature and serves to advise the Master Association Board of Directors on various matters and request action from the Master Board on other items. It meets monthly to discuss the various issues then-affecting Heathrow. Also from TAC are various committees, such as Community Relations and Safety Advisory. These committees meet regularly to study and discuss issues on a more in-depth basis and report their findings and recommendations back to TAC who may or may not in turn pass them onto the Master Board.

Characteristics of Each Neighborhood.
Each Neighborhood in Heathrow is unique in its architectural characteristics, as well as its overall look and feel. By the covenants and in-practice this is both allowed and encouraged. Thus, it is important for any prospective purchaser/would-be resident to investigate the architectural and other rules that govern that specific Neighborhood. For example; certain paint colors may be allowed or specific to one Neighborhood and prohibited in another; shingle roofs may be acceptable in one Neighborhood and prohibited in another; and circular driveways may be permitted in one Neighborhood but not in another.

The 30 specific Neighborhoods of Heathrow are:

Brampton Cove
Breckenridge Heights
Bristol Park
Brookhaven Manor & Ridge
Burlington Oaks
Carrington Park
Cherry Ridge
Chestnut Hill
Devon Green
East Camden
Heron Ridge
The Hamptons
Kentford Gardens
Lexington Green
Muirfield Village
Racquet Club Villas
Regency Green
Reserve At Heathrow
Stratford Gardens
Waters Edge
Wembley Park
Westover (Bridgewater Club)